YourStudent is a social group that was launched in 29 March 2010. The mobile app was launched in December 2010 on the iPhone and February 2011 on Android. YourStudent Connect is an app that was launched in 2012, which has the similar style as SMRTConnect. It was the only group until competition began with the Student Group Council and Transmetro in 2012.

YourStudent had been upgraded many times to include new graphics, HD, 3D that had evolved in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

YourStudent ConnectEdit

YourStudent Connect is an app that provides commuters with real-time arrival information. These has been complemented with SMRTConnect, introduced islandwide on January 2012 and was updated on November 2012. YourStudent Connect was finally updated in April 2014 for iOS and April 2015 for Android, after Lee Kuan Yew's passing.

Commuters will also receive train service/class/school status alerts, school timetables, major events (likewise sporting) and several other information.


OneInbox is a secured platform for you to receive Government letters electronically (e-letters), in place of hardcopy letters. It was launched on 1 December 2013 by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.

YourStudent Excellence AwardsEdit

YourStudent Excellence Awards is an award given for their culture of students, which is held on 2010, 2012 and 2014.


nTRIX is an attendance marking system, by ncode Consultant. Currently it was used from 2009, however it was disbanded in 2013 by YourStudent due to lack of usage. YourStudent will continue to have competitive attendance marking system. It was rolled out in all schools, which also uses the biometric system.

Key featuresEdit

  • YourStudent App Store
  • YourStudent Awards Day (till 2011)
  • Ouigo, a low-cost brand meant to challenge YourStudent's illegal strike.

High Life EntertainmentEdit

The High Life Entertainment is another satellite TV service, that is operated by YourStudent. Its routes are:

  • Tampines Block 123 - Melaka
  • Tampines Block 123 - Kuala Lumpur
  • Tampines Block 123 - Pulau Penang
  • Pulau Penang - Frasers Hill
  • Frasers Hill - Melaka
  • Kuala Lumpur - Cameron Highlands
  • Melaka - Cameron Highlands
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