Wrexham is a new town in Western Water Catchment, Singapore; a gateway north of Tuas, and west of Pasir Laba.

Wrexham BridgeEdit

Wrexham Bridge is a viaduct that connects Tuas Checkpoint and Wrexham area. It will cross through the River Tengeh.

River TengehEdit

River Tengeh is a river in Western Water Catchment, Singapore. There are two bridges in the vicinity, these are Wrexham Bridge and the intersection along Pasir Laba.

The southern side of Tengeh Reservoir is the Raffles Country Club, and the golf areas can see the reservoir clearly. The Raffles Country Club construction began on 29 October 1987. The government of Singapore has made the second large acquisition of land for the project by requiring Raffles Country Club to vacate its plot as the site offers the "most suitable location" to run the HSR tracks after the bridge crossing and to place the tunnel portal leading to the underground tunnels that would take the HSR to the Jurong East terminus. The site has to be vacated by July 31, 2018, to be used for HSR crossover tracks and a siding facility to temporarily house a train near the border for safety or operational reasons. The site is also used for train testing facilities under

On 3 November 2011, Public Utilities Board (PUB) and Economic Development Board (EDB), had decided to install floating solar panel at Tengeh Reservoir, which is part of S$11 million project. This is the first solar panel to be at the reservoir/river, and Western Water Catchment (Located at Wrexham Village).

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