Taman Jurong is a residential precinct in Jurong, Singapore. It is one of the oldest residential precincts in Singapore and a division of Jurong GRC, with the area's HDB flats under the management of Jurong Town Council and Tharman Shanmugaratnam as the area's MP.

Residential AreasEdit

The precinct has a good mixture of private and public residential areas.

Public residential AreasEdit

Street Blocks
Corporation Drive 349-351, 365-368, 118
Kang Ching Road 333-335, 339, 345-348, 352-355
Tah Ching Road 321-338
Yung An Road 357-359, 360-364, 369
Ho Ching Road 111-117, 119-120
Tao Ching Road 103, 105
Yuan Ching Road 121-122
Yung Sheng Road 177-184
Yung Kuang Road 175-176, 7-10, 63-66
Yung Ping Road 5-6, 159-163
Yung Loh Road 155-158
Yung Ho Road 151-154

Private residential areasEdit

Non-Landed Housing:

  • The Lakefront Residences
  • Caspian
  • Lakeholmz
  • Lakepoint Condominium

Landed Housing:

  • Lakeside Grove



The main roads in the precinct are Corporation Road, Corporation Drive, Yung Ho Road, and Yuan Ching Road, which connects the precinct to the rest of the island through the AYE.

Public TransportEdit

Feeder bus servicesEdit

The precinct is linked to Lakeside MRT Station through feeder service 240 which zips through the town via Corporation Drive and loops at Yung Ho Road, Corporation Road, Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim and Yuan Ching Road, providing connection to the MRT System for residents staying in the precinct.

Trunk bus ServicesEdit

The trunk services in Taman Jurong connects residents staying in the precinct to the other precincts in Singapore. There are 6 trunk services that plies through Taman Jurong via the different roads.
Yuan Ching Road:

Corporation Drive:

Corporation Road:


There is 1 primary school (Lakeside) and 2 secondary schools (Yuan Ching and Jurong) of which it is notable.

Jurong Secondary School (Abbreviation: JSS) is a government secondary school. On the request of community leaders, then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew helped to establish the school in 1963 as Jurong Integrated Secondary School. It was then renamed to Jurong Secondary School in later years. The former Jurong Town Secondary School was under the Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute (SAFTI), which is also going to be under the arms of Pasir Laba Camp area since 1966.


The CISCO Recall Centre is located here, at the junction of Corporation Road and Yung Ho Road.

Industrial AreasEdit

At the southern tip of Taman Jurong, there are 2 industrial developments, The Agape at the junction of Yuan Ching Road and Yung Ho Road and Corporation Place at the junction of Corporation Road and Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim.

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