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Service 4 is a trunk route from Tampines and looping at Changi North Way, serving Flora Road and Changi North Industrial Estate. This is the seventh bus service to be rolled out under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

The new service enhances connectivity for commuters travelling between Tampines, Flora Road and Changi North Industrial Estate as well as its surrounding areas, with the service calling at eight new bus stops in the Flora and Changi North Industrial Estate. It also enhances the connectivity to key transport nodes at Tampines Bus Interchange and MRT, where they can transfer to other bus services or rail lines to reach their destination. In addition, Service 4 improves connection of these areas to amenities within Tampines Town such as schools and malls.

Service 4 receives considerable demand from Flora Road, where residents previously heading to Tampines had to rely on a shuttle bus run by ComfortDelGro charging a flat fare of $1.30. In addition, this route helps disperse Service 37’s high peak demand for workers at Changi North Industrial Estate, as well as providing new bus connectivity for industries along Changi North Way.

Route Information[]

  • Tampines Central 1 (Tampines Int)
  • Tampines Avenue 7 (Blk 401)
  • Tampines Avenue 7 (Blk 423)
  • Tampines Avenue 7 (Blk 449)
  • Tampines Avenue 7 (Godric's Hollow Stn Exit A)
  • Tampines Avenue 7 (Tampines JC)
  • Tampines Avenue 7 (Blk 497D)
  • Flora Road (Avila Gardens)
  • Mariam Way (bef Mariam Walk)
  • Upper Changi Road North (Changi Prison)
  • Upper Changi Road North (bef Jalan Bena)
  • Changi North Street 1 (aft Upp Changi Rd North)
  • Changi North Way (Agility)
  • Changi North Way (Zuellig Pharma)
  • Changi North Way (bef Changi Prison Complex)
  • Tanah Merah Besar Road (aft Compass Green)
  • Upper Changi Road North (Changi Women's Prison)
  • Mariam Way (aft Ballota Park)
  • Flora Road (Carissa Park)
  • Tampines Avenue 7 (Blk 370)
  • Tampines Avenue 7 (opp Tampines JC)