Serangoon Road is an Australian-Singaporean television drama series which premiered on 22 September 2013 on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and HBO Asia. It is a detective noir drama set in the 1960s, revolving around Serangoon Road in Singapore. The 10-part series is a collaboration between ABC and HBO Asia and was filmed largely on the island of Batam in Indonesia.[1] It was created by Paul D. Barron and directed by Peter Andrikidis and Tony Tilse. [2]


Template:Expand section The series is set in Singapore during the mid-1960's, a tumultuous time in the island's history. The country is at a crossroads as the nation is about to break away from Malaysia and gain independence. The British colonial rulers are gradually pulling out of the country, while racial tensions are running high and the ensuing riots are threatening national security. Communist insurgency movements are active in neighbouring countries.

Sam Callaghan is an Australian living in Singapore. As a child, he was interned in Changi Prison by the occupying Japanese and later joined the military. He now runs an import/export business with his partner Kang. Sam agrees to help neighbour Patricia Cheng at her detective agency after her husband is killed while working on a case.[3]



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