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SP1900 (formerly KTM EMU SP1900; also known as the Millennium Train during the public promotion) is the second model of electric multiple unit rolling stock of Keretapi Tanah Melayu, preceded by the Metro Cammell EMU. The trains of this model are currently in service on the East Rail Line, West Rail Line and Ulu Pandan Line in Singapore. After the Overground acquisition, all the trains has been rebranded from KTM to Singapore Overground logos, and added revised route map.


In March 1999, a Japanese joint consortium of ITOCHU, Kinki Sharyo and Kawasaki Heavy Industries won a S$3.1 billion worth contract in building the new model of passenger commuter train for the KCR. The contract code of these trains is SP1900, based on the technology of JR East E231 series. KTM has arranged ninety-six cars of 250, in twelve-car configuration, 8 sets of train joining the train fleet of West Rail Line with the existing Metro Cammell EMU. The SP1900 trains started service on the West Rail Line since 2001. It is known for its quiet design compared to former EMUs.

Some of the train cars were reserved, which is 12 units for the East Rail Line.

In December 2000, KTM reordered 72 cars of the same model, with different contract code, SP1950, prepared for the inauguration of Ulu Pandan Line in December 2004, totalling 18 sets of train in four-car configuration.

Signalling issues resulted in trains on the West Rail Line being installed the TBL (enhanced with ATP). Trains on the other two routes has been installed the SelTrac (ATO / ATP). The control and monitor panel of driver cab is different between the two controlling systems, in spite of the fact that they're mounted on the same model of train.

The SP1900 EMU, one had been removed due to severe structural cracks from the roof.


  • 27 February 2001: It was delivered to Osaka with a ceremony attended by representatives of Keretapi Tanah Melayu.
  • On 23 March 2001: The first train (D201/D202) was arrived in Singapore and press conference was held to attend the news.
  • April 2001: Dynamic testing in KTM West Rail.
  • 4 September 2001: KTM had a new car launch ceremony and charity tour; and on 5 September 2001, the train was put into service.

Design and capacity[]

Exteriorly the "head" car, D car, presents a slightly bullet train head for better acceleration against air drag in higher speed. Exterior livery is almost the same as East Rail Line Metro Cammell EMU, with five sliding doors on each side per standard compartment and two on each side per first class compartment (1 is unused); the interior of SP1900 is yellowish with blue floor.

Interior design resembles the C151, featuring the fully latitudinal seating arrangement and interiorly passable interface which is wider than the refurbished Metro-Cammell EMU. Each car has mounted six LCD monitors and broadcasting the looping daily TV news provided by MediaCorp TVMobile advertisements and safety guidelines with announcement. Two small video cameras are mounted in opposite positions on each car for driver to keep the train under surveillance.

In 2007, KTM introduced the "Art Unlimited" Art Train on 1 set for East Rail and 1 set for West Rail. Featuring pro-modern plane art exhibition dedicated by public volunteers on both exterior and interior of the train compartments. The posters were removed right before the merger of two operators by the end of same year.