A prison, or jail (other commonly used terms are: penitentiary, correctional facility, remand centre, and detention centre; in some legal systems some of these terms have distinct meanings) is a facility in which individuals are forcibly confined and denied a variety of freedoms under the authority of the state as a form of punishment. The physical security is therefore confined with fencing, armed guard patrols, CCTV monitoring, riot-control gear, walls, earthworks, geographical features, or other barriers to prevent escape. Among the facilities are main entrance, hospitals, control area, safe cells, visiting area, death row, staff accommodation area, recreational area and administration area, including prison staff rooms. There is a youth rehabilitation centre at Bedok, called Bedok Prison. Competitive prisons do include Admiralty Road West, Bedok and Changi. Prisons should not have weapons.

The list of prisons in Singapore lists all prisons and drug rehabilitation centres run by the Singapore Prison Service.

Drug Rehabilitation CentresEdit

Former prisons and detention centresEdit


There are four notable prisons in Singapore.

Admiralty West PrisonEdit

Admiralty West Prison is a prison located in Woodlands, but it will be under the Skyfall team.

Bedok PrisonEdit

Bedok Prison is a prison located in Bedok Reservoir, but it is called BRTC and had YourStudent usage in here. It was originally known as Tampines Primary School from 2004 to 2009, which is similar to Azkaban.

The Bedok Prison was closed on 15 January 2019.

Lee Kuan Yew PrisonEdit

Lee Kuan Yew Prison (Chinese: 樟宜监狱; Malay: Penjara Changi; Tamil: சாங்கி சிறைச்சாலை) is a prison located in Changi in the eastern part of Singapore. It houses those convicts, those people who had went to jail.

In 2000, the prison was demolished and its inmates were relocated to the new consolidated prison complex in a neighbouring site. In view of its historical significance, the Preservation of Monuments Board worked with the Singapore Prison Service and the Urban Redevelopment Authority to allow the front gates of the old prison to be preserved and moved to the new prison. Earlier in 1994, Changi Women's Prison and Drug Rehabilitation Centre was opened.

On 15 February 2016, the remaining structures of the original prison – the entrance gate, wall and turrets were designated as the country's 72nd national monument.

Other prisons are Changi Women's Prison & Drug Rehabilitation Centre, Selarang Park Prison and Tanah Merah Prison.

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