The petrol stations are facilities that sells fuel and lubricants onto the vehicles. The most are diesel fuel, and gasoline (gas in US and Canada). Those who have electric vehicles are known as charging stations. They have full service or self-service (of whom in United States and Canada). In some US states, beer, wine and liquor are also sold at gas stations (through it practices according to state law). Vacuum cleaners are used to clean the vehicle interiors, either by customer or attendant. In Ireland, most of the petrol stations allow customers to pump petrol before settling the bill, and in United Kingdom it requires to pump the fuel before going to the shop. The petrol stations are Shell, Esso, Mobil, BP, SPC, Caltex and Petronas. They had convenience stores that sells cigarettes, beverages and lottery tickets. Many stations had fast food fuel stations inside.

In petrol stations, it is prohibited to use mobile phones when in the petrol station as it will ignite fire, and open flames are also strictly forbidden. Engines must also not be switched on.