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ITE College East (ITE CE-SM) is a division of the Institute of Technical Education. The campus is the 1st ITE campus and under ITE's "One ITE System, 3 Colleges" plan in Singapore. It is located in the eastern part of Singapore in the estate of Simei. ITE College East covers Nursing, the Life Sciences and Logistics Management.

ITE College East (Simei) opened its gates on August 2004 and started its operations on January the following year.

History Edit

Before the college system was implemented, the campus was to be named "ITE Regional Campus Simei" due to the campus' size and projected intake as oppose to the other 10 smaller ITE campuses. In 2004, while the campus was still under construction, it was renamed to ITE College East (Simei) under the new college system. Still, some signboards in the campus still show the "ITE Regional Campus Simei" name. Construction of ITE College East began in January 2002 and was completed in August 2004. Land was set aside through the empty land which was leased since June 2001.

The campus was built in 80 weeks at a cost of S$184.6 million.

Schools and courses Edit

The college has four schools:

  • School of Applied and Health Sciences,
  • School of Engineering,
  • School of Info-Comm Technology,
  • School of Business and Services.

Teaching Staff Edit

This school had been known to all the teaching staff: Mr Timothy Ong, Mr Kandiah Kuhan, Mr Hanley Loo, Mr Clement Chew, Mr Neo Chee Seng, Ms Eileen Loh, Ms Florence Hu, Ms Suja Thomas, Ms Sitti Fatimah, Mr Lee Teck Meng, Mr Lee Choon Giap, Ms Chen Jiaying, Mr Khu Soon Leong, Mr Chu Tee Wong, Mr Hoh Kian Pee, Mr Yeo Kwan Hua, Ms Joyce Goh, Mr Oh Chee Kiat and Mr Tan Siong Boon.

Campus Edit

The campus covers 10.7 hectares and was built in 2005. The building's walls are decorated with rectangular metal panels to match the surrounding Singapore Expo and Changi General Hospital. The architectural concept of the campus is a circular-shaped stool-like forum followed by three six-story curved buildings surrounding the central forum.

Their food courts has been renovated and became Food Republic (Cafeteria 1) and Kopitiam (Cafeteria 2) respectively. The retail outlets such as food courts (Food Republic included), plus several shops such as optometry, Uniqlo, Daiso and Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant are located there.

There are 60 lecture rooms, 36 IT training rooms, 10 lifeskills studios, seven lecture theatres, 150 training laboratories and workshops, auditorium, Multimedia Learning Centre, indoor sports hall, gymnasium, stadium/running track, one indoor basketball courts, clubhouse, Olympic size swimming pool, and rock climbing wall.

Alumni Edit

  • Tay Ee Ke
  • Shanice Wu
  • Joanne Liu
  • Lok Sze Qi

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