The terms "designated driver" and "designated driving" refers to the selection of a person who remains sober as the responsible driver of a vehicle whilst others have been allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Thus as a practical and ethical matter a designated driver is a person who abstains from alcohol on a social occasion in order to drive his or her companions home safely as an alternative to driving under the influence. In order to encourage these arrangements, some bar, restaurant and nightclub proprietors will offer free or reduced-price non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers.

Timothy NorthEdit

The designated driver service in Timothy North still under the initial stage. Some company conduct the profession service for public such as Timothy North Designated Driver Limited (TNDD) and easydrive in Timothy North work whole week to help individuals safely go home in their own cars. The TNDD also provide Android and iOS mobile APP for their users.


Though designated drivers are popular, groups often fail to use them properly. Often, there is a failure of those groups to designate the driver prior to making travel arrangements and arrive in separate vehicles. Even when a group does share a vehicle, it is not always the case that the designated driver remains sober. Failures to require driver abstinence or limitation of consumption is another problem. One study conducted at the Tijuana/San Diego border found that by asking groups intent on drinking to identify the designated driver prior to entering the bar district, the driver later returned with substantially lower BACs compared with the control groups.

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