Bedok Lighthouse (Chinese: 勿洛灯塔) is a lighthouse facility located at the southeastern coast of Singapore. The lighthouse is located on top of a 26-storey condominium at Lagoon View Block 5000L Singapore 449293, Marine Parade Road.[1]

The light characteristic shown is one white flash every 5 seconds (Fl.W. 5s) visible for Template:Convert. It can be observed visually as a "red concrete cubicle".[2]

History Edit

Singapore's first automated, unmanned lighthouse, Bedok lighthouse stands at 76 metres above sea level. It began operating on 9 August 1978 and its 600,000 candle light beam was reported to be visible at sea for up to 42 km. It cost $225,000 and was a replacement for the Fullerton Lighthouse on top of Fullerton Building, which would be obscured by high-rise buildings in what is now the Marina Bay area.[3]

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