The Ayer Rajah Expressway (Abbreviation: AYE; Template:Zh; Template:Lang-ta; Template:Lang-ms) extends from the western end of the Marina Coastal Expressway in the south of Singapore to Tuas in the west near the Tuas Second Link to Malaysia. Together with the Marina Coastal Expressway and the East Coast Parkway, it forms a second east-west link to complement the role played by the Pan Island Expressway.


Construction on the expressway commenced in 5 March 1983, with the first two phases completed by 1988. On 23 April 1983, the government will build other railway tracks, as well as flats in Tanjong Pagar for the Malayan Railway Authority. With the electrification and double tracking on the way, a total of the railway land is acquired for the development of Jurong Expressway. This section involved the widening of several existing roads along the way, such as Ayer Rajah Road and Upper Ayer Rajah Road, as well as the construction of what was then the longest road viaduct, the Keppel Viaduct, from where the eastern end of the expressway commences.

On 25 September 1985, the Ayer Rajah Expressway from East Coast Parkway to Kampong Bahru Road (Keppel Flyover) is opened to traffic. On 25 June 1986, the Ayer Rajah Expressway from Keppel Road to Alexandra Road is opened to traffic.

The stretch of AYE between Alexandra Road and Jurong Town Hall Road will be completed in May 1988. There will be five pedestrian overhead bridges and one pedestrian underpass between Alexandra Road and Clementi Road.

On 29 November 1994, the stretch of the road from Jurong Town Hall Road to Corporation Road along Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, will be widened to an expressway.

On 2 January 1998, the expressway was extended to Tuas from the Teban Flyover in conjunction with the opening of the Tuas Second Link to Johor. This construction, which followed the alignment of Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, involved the expansion of the existing road to match with the width of the rest of the AYE, construction of "filter" roads on both sides of the expressway (which eventually took the name of Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim), and the building of five flyovers and two underpasses. It meets up with the Pan Island Expressway at the Tuas Flyover.

Its eastern end used to be the East Coast Parkway, but the ECP was truncated and the Marina Coastal Expressway has taken over the role, and connects AYE to the KPE and ECP on 29 December 2013.


The AYE had a major throughfare of bus services, between the Tuas West Drive and Alexandra Road. The biggest EMAS signboard is between Penjuru Road and Clementi Avenue 6, and between Clementi Road and North Buona Vista Road.

The disused EMAS signboard is between Lower Delta Road and Keppel Road.

The AYE is also a major throughfare of Johor Bahru traffic, which runs between Tuas West Drive and the Pan Island Expressway as it is the only expressway that connects to Second Link.

The AYE also passes through the former Overground section between Alexandra and Tanjong Pagar West stations. It also covers the Jurong area.

List of exitsEdit

No. Eastbound exit to road (destinations) Interchange Type No. Westbound exit to road (destinations)
End of expressway ([Marina Coastal Expressway(MCE)]]) Keppel Viaduct - Start of expressway
2B Keppel Road 2A Keppel Road
2C Central Expressway (CTE) Radin Mas Flyover No exit
3 Lower Delta Road Lower Delta Flyover Diamond 3 Lower Delta Road
6 Alexandra Road Gillman Flyover Diamond No exit
7A Queensway and Normanton Park Portsdown Flyover Diamond 7A Queensway and Normanton Park
7B Portsdown Road - LILO No exit
8 North Buona Vista Road and South Buona Vista Road Buona Vista Flyover Cloverturbine 8 North Buona Vista Road and South Buona Vista Road
9 Clementi Road University Flyover Cloverturbine 9 Clementi Road
10B Clementi Avenue 2 Clementi Flyover LILO 10A Clementi Avenue 2
11 Clementi Avenue 6 Pandan Flyover Trumpet 11 Clementi Avenue 6 and West Coast Way
13 Jurong Town Hall Road Teban Flyover Diamond 13 Jurong Town Hall Road
No exit - LILO 14 Penjuru Road
15B Yuan Ching Road - LILO No exit
No exit Corporation Flyover Diamond 15A Corporation Road and Jurong Port Road
17 Jalan Boon Lay, Jurong Pier Road, Corporation Road and Jurong Port Road Jurong Hill Flyover Diamond 17 Jalan Boon Lay and Jurong Pier Road
18 First Lok Yang Road, Pioneer Road North and Pioneer Road Pioneer Flyover Stacked roundabout 18 Pioneer Road North and Pioneer Road
20 Benoi Road Benoi Flyover SPUI 20 Benoi Road
22 Tuas Road and Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) Tuas Flyover Stacked roundabout 22 Tuas Road and Pan-Island Expressway (PIE)
24 Tuas West Road Tuas West Underpass 24 Tuas Avenue 8 and Tuas West Road
Start of expressway Tuas Checkpoint Viaduct - 26B Tuas West Drive
End of expressway (Second Link)

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