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Arriva Yorkshire[1] is a bus operator providing services in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire and the southern areas of North Yorkshire. It is a subsidiary of Arriva.


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Arriva Yorkshire was formed as a combination of mergers of previous companies based in West and North Yorkshire.

In 1904 Yorkshire (West Riding) Electric Tramways began operating tram services in Wakefield followed in 1906 by Castleford. In November 1923 the West Riding Automobile Company began operating bus services in West Riding.[2] It would be renamed West Riding Buses.

Yorkshire Woollen District Transport[3] operated services around Dewsbury[2] The company later was renamed Yorkshire Buses.

Both companies were acquired by the National Bus Company, along with Selby & District[4] with the companies maintaining separate identities. In 1987 West Riding and Yorkshire Buses were sold in a management buyout to Caldaire.[5] In 1994 South Yorkshire Road Transport, based in Pontefract, was purchased.[6][2] The four companies were taken over by British Bus in 1995[2] which itself was purchased by Cowie Group in August 1996.[7][8] All were rebranded under the Arriva brand in 1997.

Although the company is officially known as Arriva Yorkshire, the company is split into three sub-divisions with Yorkshire Woollen operating as Arriva Yorkshire West,[3] West Riding and South Yorkshire Road Transport operating as Arriva Yorkshire[1] and Selby & District operating as Arriva Yorkshire North.[4]

Since May 2008 there has been a sister company in Huddersfield. Centrebus Holdings, in which Arriva held a 40% stake, was formed when the Huddersfield operations of Stagecoach Yorkshire was purchased along with the separate K-Line bus company.[9] In September 2013 Arriva took full ownership of Centrebus Holdings and K-Line with the former rebranded Yorkshire Tiger.[10][11][12]


A widely reported case concerned a gothic couple, Dani Graves and his fiancee Tasha Maltby, who wears a dog collar and lead.[13] A driver had refused them travel and made comments to them, allegedly saying "We don't let freaks and dogs like you on."

Arriva Yorkshire has said "We take any allegations of discrimination very seriously" and is investigating the claims and the couple's complaints.[14]

The company confirmed the couple were refused travel on two occasions due to "fears for passenger safety". In a statement the company addressed the issue, claiming that the dog lead was potentially dangerous. Arriva also said they would be writing to Mr Graves "to apologise for any distress caused by the way this matter was handled".[15]


As at October 2013 the fleet consisted of 334 buses.[16]


Arriva Yorkshire operate five depots in Castleford, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike, Selby and Wakefield.[16]

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