Arriva Kent Thameside is a bus operator based in North-West Kent, England. It is a subsidiary of Arriva. The company operates services in Dartford, Northfleet and Gravesend, as part of the Arriva Southern Counties division from their Northfleet depot. The company also operates bus services on behalf of Transport for London from their Dartford depot.


Dartford (DT)Edit

Dartford garage is the only Arriva Kent Thameside depot that does not have commercial services, the depot only handles services contracted by TfL, the other difference between Dartford and Northfleet depot is that the buses in the Dartford fleet are in London red rather than the traditional aquamarine and cream corporate livery Arriva uses. Even though the depot is based in Kent, only 3 of the 7 routes run into Kent. The rest stay in Greater London.

Dartford Garage handles TfL routes 160, 286, 428, 492, B12, B13 and B15.


On 23 February 2013, Metrobus commenced operating route 233. [1]

On 23 March 2013, Metrobus commenced operating route 126. [2]

Route 286 will pass to London Central from 12 July 2014. [3]

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Northfleet depot runs commercial services in Dartford, Gravesend and surrounding areas. These Routes are 408, 414, 423, 433, 453, 455, 477, 480, 485, 490, 497, as well as Fastrack routes A and B.

Bus types in useEdit


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The main Arriva livery is aquamarine blue, with champagne cream and white separator line. Fastrack buses at Northfleet use a special livery of light blue at the front and grey at the rear, broken with a navy blue band and thin white lines in the middle of the bus. As Dartford operates TfL routes the Arriva London livery is used at this depot. The original London livery was red, with champagne “cow-horns” (a thined version of the aquamarine swoop) and thin yellow line at skirt level. The Arriva “circles” logo is orange, not blue, as the corporate one. The new London livery is completely red, with the thin yellow line at skirt level and the Arriva “circles” in plain white.

A part livery was the Bluewater livery. This was allover blue, with a water shimmer effect. The service using this livery were replaced by Fastrack in 2006.

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