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Aljunied is a sub-urban area located in the eastern part of the city-state of Singapore. Named after Aljunied Road, it was formerly agricultural land which has since been heavily urbanised and presently comprises a variety of land uses. Today, Aljunied is a bustling neighbourhood with HDB flats with amenities like shops, schools, parks and recreational facilities.


Aljunied Road was officially named in 1926 after Syed Sharif Omar bin Ali Al Junied (died 1852), who owned large tracts of agricultural land in the area.

Syed Omar was a wealthy Arab merchant from Palembang, where he had set up business after migrating from his hometown in Tarim, Hadramaut (Yemen). He was also a highly respected man, looked upon by the Malays as a prince. Syed Omar came from the well-respected Arab family who were descendants of Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was a nephew of Syed Mohammed bin Harun Al Junied, who also came from Palembang to Singapore in the early days before the founding of Singapore in 1819.

Syed Omar was a philanthropist and his charitable acts included donating a large plot of land in Victoria Street for the purposes of a Muslim burial ground, the construction of a mosque in Bencoolen Street and Masjid Kampong Melaka, renamed Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka in his honour. The land where St Andrew's Cathedral stands was also donated by him. He and his family contributed largely to the setting up of the Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

In 1927, one of his descendants, Syed Abdul Rahman Aljunied, built the Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah on a vacant ground next to the Victoria Road cemetery in commemoration of his grandfather, Syed Omar. Madrasah Aljunied was a leading Islamic religious school which produced many religious leaders of Southeast Asian countries.

At the Sims Place Market & Food Centre, the only people that are visible: workers from Aljunied and Sims, Betsy Koh, Ernest Mok and Timothy Mok, SBS Transit bus drivers, stallholders and MRT station staff.


Primary Schools[]

  • Cedar Primary School
  • Geylang Methodist Primary School
  • MacPherson Primary School

Secondary Schools[]

  • Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Special Schools[]

  • Canossian School

Geylang Methodist School (Secondary) (Abbreviation: GMS(S)) is a co-ed school located in Aljunied, Singapore. It was formerly known as Geylang Methodist Girls' School until 1984 when it started to take in boys. The school offers the express, normal academic and technical streams. It was primarily known to Teo Pei Ling which has been there from August 2010 to December 2013, while she is staying in Mattar. It is also very near to Aljunied MRT Station.


The Aljunied area falls along a stretch that falls under the MacPherson SMC and Jalan Besar GRC (Kolam Ayer).