Adobe Photoshop Elements is a raster graphics editor for hobbyists and consumers. It contains most of the features of the professional version but with fewer and simpler options. The program allows users to create, edit, organize and share images. It is a successor of Adobe Photoshop LE.[1]

Originally introduced alongside Adobe Photoshop version 6, Photoshop Elements targets photography enthusiasts and thus lacks many features that make it useful in a proper print production environment.[1] For example, Photoshop Elements cannot export files in the CMYK color mode, supports a simplified color management system, and excludes detailed soft-proofing. It also includes a limited set of Photoshop plugins, and instead has a number of features aimed at non-experts (such as removing the red-eye effect or changing the skin tone in a picture). An example of a redesigned feature would be the Variations correction dialog. Some versions can, however, open, edit, and save PDFs.Template:Which


Version Release date
for Windows
Release date
for Mac OS
Photoshop version
Photoshop 4 LE 1996 1996 Template:Dunno
Photoshop 5 LE 1999 1999[2] 5.5 (February 1999)
1 April 2001 April 2001 6.0 (September 2000)
2 August 2002 2002 7.0 (March 2002)
3 October 2004 2004 CS (October 2003)
4 October 2005 2006 CS2 (April 2005)
5 October 2006 Template:Dunno N/A
6 October 2007 2008 CS3 (April 2007)
7 October 2008 Template:Dunno CS4 (September 23, 2008)
8 September 2009 September 2009 N/A
9 September 2010 September 2010 CS5 (April 30, 2010)
10 September 2011[3] September 2011[3] N/A
11 September 2012[4] September 2012[4] CS6 (May 7, 2012)
12 September 2013 September 2013 N/A

Note: PSE8 for Mac OS does not work on Mac OS X with Russian, Polish, Czech and some other primary languages.Template:Citation needed

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